Practice Communication


Telephone Policy
Most issues are best dealt with in consultation with your doctor and he/she will endeavour to take your call where applicable. At times your doctor may be attending to other patients and may need to return your call. Please inform our reception staff if your call is urgent.

Test Results & Referrals
Test results can be obtained in a booked consultation. Referrals to specialists must be made during a consultation and will not be provided from a phone request. In unavoidable circumstances, doctors may provide repeat referrals or scripts, however this is done at the doctor’s discretion and may attract a fee.

Recall/Reminder System
Our centre participates in state/territory reminder systems which inform you of recurring health care issues such as annual check-ups, care planning and immunisations. Please advise reception if you do not wish to receive reminders. Patients will be contacted for recall where clinically indicated.

Email Policy

Our emails are checked daily. However they are not constantly monitored. If you have an issue that requires urgent attention, we request that you contact the practice via telephone.

SMS Policy
SMS messages are sent for a variety of health management purposes.
These may include:
Appointment reminders–a reminder message will be sent the day prior to your appointment.
Health reminders — e.g., cervical screening/ care plans etc.
Health recalls ( e.g., follow up of test results).
Electronic prescriptions if you agree to use this option.
Please advise the practice of any change in your mobile number to ensure that the messages are sent to the correct number. Patients must also be aware that if another person can access their mobile phone then the confidentiality of these communications cannot be protected by the practice.
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